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Supply & Demand for the Timber Market
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About us

Timberexchange is the online intermediary for timber professionals.
No registration and annual subscription costs!

The core of Timberexchange:
  • optimum online matching between supply and demand
  • absolute anonymity guaranteed! Your name cannot be seen by others
  • guaranteed privacy and discretion
  • no registration costs and no annual subscription costs
  • the 30 main timber species
  • by professionals, for professions
  • global focus

Timberexchange’s aim is twofold: evolution and revolution in the timber industry. On the one hand, we see an acute need for “market to market” sales, for (un)marketable stocks being sold on the local market, and at the same time a need for production from “source to import”. The Internet offers excellent opportunities to respond to this need in a direct and effective manner, because other traders may regard your (un)unmarketable parcels of timber as highly marketable. From unmarketable to marketable and from source to import, fast, easy and free!

Timberexchange meets these needs in a professional manner and allows your business to boom. Both producers and wholesale users will be able to reduce their stocks, increase turnaround times, decrease their financing expenses, while improving environment and efficiency.

Timberexchange’s target groups include producers, sawing-mills, agents, importers, traders and larger industries in the world of timber.


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