Populieren / Aspen, Amerika

Other names
Pappel (Germany), peuplier (France), poplar (Great Brittan) white poplar 1. white abeel 2. esp, ratel poplar, tril poplar 3. aspen 4. grey abeel 5. algran black poplar 6. (eastern) cottonwood 7. native black poplar 8. Euramerican poplar balsem poplar 9. black cottonwood 10. balsam poplar
Botanic name
1. Populus alba L. 2. Populus tremula L. 3. Populus tremuloides Michx., P. grandidentata Michx. 4. Populus canescens (Ait.) SM., P. spec. div.. 5. Populus alba x grandidentata, Populus alba x tremula, Populus tremula x alba 6. Populus deltoides Marsh
Growth area
1. and 2., Europe, Middle East 3. North America 4. Europe 5. Europe, North America 6. North America, South Africa, Australia 7. Europe 8. Europe, Japa
Wood species
hardwood timber
Volumic mass
(380-)420- 440-480(-530) kg/m3 at 12% MC, green timber 880 kg/m3.
Moulds 5. Anobium G. Hesperophanes G. Termites G. Nat, just felled logs are very sensative for defamation of fungus and moulds. Debarking after felling is the best protection.

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