Other names
1. afzelia doussié, doussié. 2. afzelia pachyloba, pachyloba, doussié. 2. en 3. afzelia apa. 3. afzelia ingue. 3. en 5. apa, lingue, aligna, papao. 4. afzelia chanfuta, chanfuta, chamfuta. 6. bolengu.
Botanic name
1. Afzelia bipindensis Harms. 2. Afzelia pachyloba Harms. 3. Afzelia africana Sm. 4. Afzelia quanzensis Welw. 5. Afzelia spec. div..
Leguminosae (Caesalpiniaceae).
Growth area
1. Angola. 1. and 2. Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Nigeria. 1. and 3. Nigeria. 3. and 5. Ghana, Ivory coast, Liberia, Senegal, Sudan, Central African Republ
Wood species
hardwood timber
Volumic mass
(620-)820 (-950) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content, green timber 1100 kg/m3.
Moulds 1. Termites D. The natural contents substances wich makes afzelia more durable, lixivate in water. Afzelia is therefore less durable under constant moist conditions in water and/or ground contact or in bad ventilated spaces.

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