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- Abiurana

abiorana, abiu, abiurana, abiurana vermelha (Brazil), caimito (Colombia), akoinsiba, jauna d'oeur (French Guyana), asepoko (Guyana), jamboka, jan snijder (Surinam), caimito morado, carrizalero (Venezuela). Pay attention. There are many timber species in Brazil called abiurana. Misfiring is large. Names from West-Amazonia often differ from eastern names.
Pouteria guianensis Aubl., Pouteria caimito (R. & P.) Radlk., Pouteria paraensis, P. manausensis, P. spec. different.
Tropical South America.
hardwood timber
(1100-)1030- 1170(-1250) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content, green timber 1280 kg/m3.
Moulds, very durable. Termites unknown. Borers moderate durable to durable. Navy borers durable.
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